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    WEEK 3

    MON, 23rd Oct              Year 2 Intensive Swimming
                                           Beginner Keyboard Group - 12.20pm
                                           Advanced Keyboard Group - 1.00pm
                                           Band - 1.40pm
                                           Choir - 2.10pm
                                           Musica Viva Performance - no charge


    TUES, 24th Oct             Year 2 Intensive Swimming

    WED, 27th Oct              Year 2 Intensive Swimming

    THURS, 26th Oct          Stage 3 Elective Sports
                                          Joey's Juniors Koala & Kangaroo Groups Combined Visit
                                          Whole School Disco 3.30pm - 5.30pm School Hall
                                          Out of Uniform Day

    FRI, 27th Oct                 Assembly Prayer -3H (10.30am)
                                           Year 2 Intensive Swimming
                                           Stage 2 Swimming ($3.00 each)
                                           World Teacher's Day

    SAT, 28th Oct                Family Portraits